Media Regulatory Law, which is often referred to as Media Supervision Law, is a part of the Broadcasting Law. Various regulations of the Constitutional Law and the Administrative Law (e.g. German State Treaty on Media Services, German Interstate Broadcasting Treaty, media laws from each German Federal State, press laws from each German Federal State, etc.) form the core of the media supervision.

Private broadcasters are monitored by the competent media authorities, which are responsible for control of rules (including the German Interstate Broadcasting Treaty, the German Interstate Agreement on the Protection of Minors in the Media and various media laws from each German Federal State). In accordance with Sec. 49 of the German Interstate Broadcasting Treaty the media authorities are empowered to impose fines for violations (e.g. against advertising rules).

The LAW FIRM THOMAS KAMMERL acquires legal representations in Regulatory Media Law, i.e. in the context of:

      • Regulation of broadcast content
      • Proceedings before the media authorities
      • Allocation / issuing of broadcasting licenses, etc.

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