Rechtsanwalt 17


We are happy to support you in the clafication of inheritance issues and matters of Real Estate Law.

In the field of inheritance we are engaged in particular in the argument of (larger) inheritance matters, often involving questions of national as well as international Company Law (corporate successor) and of Real Estate Law and advise in other succession issues, in drafting wills, in asset management and in care of persons. Our approach is here particularly - mostly family ties are also affected - to advance the interests of our clients on a non-judicial way. Due to often high amounts in the Inheritance Law, especially in the presence of real estate assets, it is often more effective and cost-efficient for our clients to achieve a positive result on extrajudicial options and not on long court proceedings. Nevertheless in some cases the involvement of courts can not be avoided, especially when disadvantageous inter vivos arrangements to the detriment of the testator and the heirs were made.

LAW-FIRM l 2014 03 28