A matter of Law relating to Media is called Broadcasting Law, which is busy with the legal framework of broadcasting events. The freedom of broadcasting finds its constitutional roots in Sec. 5 Para 1 sentence 2 of the German Constitution. Various statutory provisions are inter alia in the media laws of each German Federal State, the state broadcasting laws of each German Federal State, the press laws of each German Federal State, the German State Treaty On Media Services, etc.

Germany's dual broadcasting system differentiates significantly between the public service broadcasting and private broadcasting.

In accordance with Sec. 20 of the German Interstate Broadcasting Treaty private broadcasting requires an approval, which falls within the remit of the regional media authorities. The regional media authorities put here particular attention to the plurality of opinion and avoid dominant forces of opinion.

Our law firm acquires legal representations in proceedings before the media authorities or in connection with the allocation / issuing of broadcasting licenses, etc.

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