We advise and represent you in criminal investigations or proceedings against you in all areas of Criminal Law.

This includes all criminal offences such as:

        • Property crimes (e.g. theft, criminal damage, embezzlement)
        • Defamatory offences (defamation, libel, slander)
        • Bodily injury crimes (e.g. minor bodily injury, grievous bodily harm (“gbh”), coercion, etc.)
        • Pecuniary offences (e.g. fraud, infidelity, blackmail, handling stolen goods, abuse of insurance)

Including the criminal's specialties:

        • Crimes from authorities/abuse of office (e.g. bodily harm in office, corruption, accepting advantages)
        • Narcotic drugs crime (e.g. acquisition, possession, trafficking)
        • Computer and Internet Criminal Law (e.g. espionage of data, computer fraud, online fraud)
        • Violent crime (grievous bodily harm (“gbh”), manslaughter, murder, robbery)
        • Juvenile Justice (in all cases up to the age of 21 years)
        • Medicine Criminal Law (e.g. manslaughter, bodily injury, euthanasia)
        • Sexual offences (e.g. sexual abuse, rape, pimping, exhibitionism)
        • Traffic offences (such as drunk driving, dangerous driving, hit-and-run, driving without a license)
        • White collar crime (corruption, fraud, infidelity)

Criminal proceedings are a great burden for those who become the target of law enforcement not only because of the consequences associated (such as imprisonment and fines or entries in the record), but also because of the potential effects of public hearings.

Therefore it is extremely important to have a competent and experienced attorney at your side, who shields and protects you not only from the drastic measures taken by the criminal prosecution authorities, but also offers you a realistic assessment and sufficient solutions to obtain the best possible result for you, in the best case an out-of-court procedure setting in criminal proceedings.

It is recommended before a statement to the police to consult a defense attorney to prevent critical procedural disadvantages! In criminal proceedings the lawyer should first inspect the investigation files before a statement, and then decide on with the client what should be done and how to proceed - always with a view to the best possible result.

A good criminal defense requires above all a special personal commitment and experience in dealing with police, prosecutor and court and in addition a high degree of professional competence. 

We are working from the first day of the public prosecution for our clients and thus achieve regularly exceptionally good results.

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